5 brush types for upcycling, reviving and antiquing …

You may be aware there is a growing trend for upcycling, reviving or making old furniture look more modern.

Take a trip to your local recycling center and if you are lucky they will have a vibrant reuse shop. These shops are usually full with thrown away items which you can buy very cheaply.

Once you have picked up some items you will need some tools to help you bring them back to life.

Below we will look at 5 brushes from the Revive range. These will let you be as creative as you want and also give a fantastic finish too.

The Revive range, designed and made by a company who have well over 100 years of experience. These come attractively packed and look like you have a quality product. They have double epoxy to give extra strength and reduce that annoying bristle loss. And, as a result, they are hard wearing and are also built to last.

OK, now let’s take a look at some brushes you should have in your craft set…


Stencil Brushes

Firstly the handle and bristles are designed to give you more control when you are doing detailed work.

These brushes have short bristles and a flat head, ideal for stenciling. The soft bristles give a fantastic finish.

Waxing Brushes

Made from 100% natural bristles these are very high quality. Again the design of the brush feels good in the hand and gets great results.

The Boar hair bristles are cut to a equal length. 95% are the exact same length and are therefore good for absorbing wax.

You get two style of bristle, natural of black. You can use the black for darker waxes and the natural for lighter waxes. This helps mixing wax colours on the same brush.


Edging / Precision Brushes

The edging brushes have been cut at an angle allowing precision painting. As a result you can use these for difficult and intricate areas such as corners, skirting boards, windows and doors.

They are good for either emulsion paint or gloss paint.

General Decorating Brushes

You need good brushes for general painting jobs and these are perfect for that. Using a synthetic bristles which have been tested many times they provide great quality coverage.

The three sizes should cover all your general painting needs. These produce good results using emulsion or gloss paints.

Chalk Brushes

If you want a textured look or a vintage finish these brushes are perfect! Popular for achieving the shabby chic look a lot of craft people strive for.

The bristle design, being oval, means they hold a lot of paint. Not only that they are firm and durable.

As they hold a lot of paint the handle comfort design is important. These are easy on the wrist and comfortable to use.